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Korea DMZ  is 150-mile-long Demilitarized Zone of the Korean peninsula between North Korea and South Korea. The border is lined following the 38th parallel. The areas is heavily fortified by north korea and south korea.


Korea DMZ Tour Points

Imjingak Resort : There are a diversity of monuments including the monument in the Imjingang zone and the US soldiers monument in Imjingak Resort.  A train which goes to Shineuiju, the northern end of the Korean Peninsula before the division between two Koreans is exhibited in Imjingak Resort.  

Dorasan Station : Dorasan Station contains the historical meaning as a symbolic place of the division between two Koreans and a gateway of the south-north exchange. Dorasan Station is the northernmost station of the South Korea which is 700m distant from the southern boundary line of DMZ, the civil control zone.  imjingak Station was opened in October 2001, and then Dorasan Station, the unfinished station of the north-south Korean reconciliation was opened on February 12, 2002 (the lunar New Year's Day).


Unification observatory : Unification Observatory was built at ODU mountain with a superb scenic beauty with Han river and Imjin river. it has the shortest distance of DMZ out of 155 miles of the border. Unification Observatory is just 460m distant from North Korea.  Unification Observatory plays the role of the unification education to understand the situation of divided Koreans properly and to newly resolve on the will of unification.

Third Infiltration Tunnel : Third Infiltration Tunnel of total 1,635m was found in 1978. In Third Infiltration Tunnel located in 52km distant from Seoul, 30,000 solders can move per 1 hour.

Panmunjeom : Panmunjeom is Panmunjeom is the place of cease fire of Korean War on Jul 27, 1953 and the only JSA (Joint Security Area) in the world.  It was commonly secured by collecting 35 soldiers from each side.  However, after the North Korean guard killed US soldiers who were cutting the branches off a cottonwood on Aug. 18, 1976, the military demarcation line was indicated, and only security work became under joint work. Members or press members who belong to either military armistice commission can access all of the places in JSA without a permit.


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